You Are My Sunshine

An ocean sized hole

Bleeds my heart

Rips pain through me

Empties me of all

Drains me and kills me


A gaping cavern

Void of happiness

A black hole

Pulling me to inactivity


Music plays dull

Echoes agony

Fills my mind

But does nothing

For my heart


Here I lay

Still and sleeping

Waiting for time to pass

For pain to ebb

For sunshine to return



The ocean split before me

Swallowed my enemy

And threw you back at me


My King

To lift me and rule me

To please me and love me


The sky fell

Drowned the hated

And you landed at my feet


My Unicorn

To show me what I need

Be what I want


The fire in me raged white

Till you walked right through it

Calming the rage for desire


My Master

He who commands me

He who protects me


Chaos surrounded me

Creating misery

In the calm before the storm


My Love

Who has awaked the beast within

The dormant me begging to be released


It rots, hides, deep inside
Sharp claws, knashing teeth
Shadows in the dark
Caging me, changing me
Warping me in and out

Pain so acute
A knife in my breast
Pain so severe
A shattered, bleeding heart
Overflowing blood

Midnight skies, eclipsed sun
Black waters
Reflecting a void
Tar pit trap
Holding me captive

Fists against steel
Silence, alone, abandoned
Broken, bound, ensnared
Inside my mind
With no way out.

Stardust Always (Lacey)


Welcome one, welcome all, welcome Lacey Sutton. Another author that has contributed to the masterpiece known as Stardust, Always.  Thank you Lacey for taking the time to answer our queations. Tell us what Stardust Always is to you. Why did you write something for it?

Cancer hurt my mother, stepmother and friends, and taken a lot of people I love. Time to make it pay. Also, 2016 is being a horrible year so far, and I wanted to do something to turn that around.

I also had the pleasure of editing stories for this anthology, and then publishing it under Writers Colony Press. There were so many incredible stories, that I am so proud that I got to do my part in bringing them to the public.

Tell me about your story.  What message do you hope to convey to your readers?

My story is about a very angry woman. She just lost a sister to cancer, but what hurts the most is that her sister didn’t share that the cancer came back after her treatments. The story is about an abbreviated trip through grief, guided by childhood memories and a few helpers.
I wrote it to help me get over some of my own anger. I had lost my good friend Pat Brda only a few months before, to a cancer we thought had been beat but as it turned out had hidden out in her spine. The prognosis for even holding it at bay didn’t look good, and Pat decided to live out her remaining days without feeling sick for them as well. As much as I got the why’s of her decision, I was still so furious that the choice had to be made and that fighting wouldn’t do her any good.


I hope that others who are feeling the betrayal of losing those they love can read this story and find a little peace in the journey Meredith takes through her own Labryinth.

I had the wonderful pleasure of beta reading this story. It was quite captivating and very much honors our fallen celebrities.
How did Rickman and/or Bowie influence your life?

As a kid, there were three movies we watched EVERY WEEKEND – “The Princess Bride”, “The Dark Crystal”, and “Labyrinth”. Bowie was the epitome of ‘be careful what you wish for,’ and it was wonderful. My cousin and I also listened to his Ziggy Stardust music, making sure we included at least one Bowie song on every mix tape we made.


Rickman’s influence was much more subtle—he played so many parts that for the longest time I didn’t connect that it was HIM each time. From “Die Hard” to “Robin Hood” and so many others, I just enjoyed him. It was “Dogma” and “Galaxy Quest” that really turned me into a Rickman superfan. His part in Dogma was so small, yet so very perfect—the sardonic angel—that I rewatched that movie just for him.


And, of course, Snape. That casting is so obvious that Jo must have written it for him. I am happy that there are people for whom that character IS Rickman, because I think it was in so many ways. But I hope they branch out and get to know him also for his humor and his kindness, because that will always be the Rickman I remember.


If you could tell them/ him anything what would it be?

Thank you. Just that. They lived their lives, bringing entertainment to the world, showing children that they could be themselves and grow to become legends.

Are there any other stories you would have liked to include with this anthology?  If so,  where can people find it?

I am really proud of the piece I have in “The Longest Night Watch”—“Bedtime Stories”, but it wouldn’t have fit here. That one is a tribute piece to Terry Pratchett, as is the whole anthology. I have some ideas if we do a volume 2 for “Stardust, Always”, but they have yet to be written.


The Longest Night Watch

Anything you’d like to say to those whose lives have been affected by cancer?

Live your life for you as much as those who love you. People won’t know how to talk to you, they won’t know how to deal, so you might feel alone. But you’re walking this road with so many others. My mother was astounded when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at how many of her friends had as well… and she never even knew. So share your stories, and you’ll be surprised at the support you receive.

Find Lacey at the sites below:

My infrequently updated author blog is I’m slightly more active over on Facebook at I’m @LaceyDSutton on twitter, but I’ve never really gotten the hang of that one. Basically, for a much time as I spend on the internet, I spend very little of that being productive…

Get your copy of Stardust, Always.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter

Asylum VIII

The  ghosts of its halls
They have stories to tell
Listen to them
As their screams loop
Each night
The terror of their last night
Echoing across time
Through dimensions

Tragedy befell this place
Horrors you couldn’t imagine
Cruelty only the insane
Could remember
Bloody deaths
Electric torture
Straps to hold down
The unwilling

This skeleton before you
Lives in the night
It breathes
When dusk falls
This place
Has a heartbeat

Take caution
Heed the warnings
The ghosts here
They’re alone
For some like you
To join them

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter



I feel so ashamed that I’ve not written a blog post in a while.  The holidays have kidnapped me and are demanding a ransom of 80,000 words.
I know! It’s crazy right? What do the holidays need with that many words?  Doesn’t it get enough from the gathered families?


They’ve stolen my laptop, taken my phone, and destroyed my zip drive. I’m sending this via Morse code to an unknown source. I just hope they’ll actually post it.

Who knows Morse code anymore? Weird. Who has an Alphanumeric Transceiver open to messages? WHY do they have one? Creepy.

Back to my plea. Send 80,000 words to your hard drive (collaborate if you must) and title it holiday ransom by New Years Eve or I may never be seen again. They threaten to feed me to Krampus.

Though, he may not get to eat a few of my fingers as they feel they will fall off from sending out this desperate message for help. S.O.S.

WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? Start typing! Please! I can’t write you stories if I’m dead.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


This pain enveloping my heart
Is nearly too much to bear
It’s crushing weight is
Squeezing pain out my eyes and
Air from my lungs
This hole, this void
Is eating away at me as
Each second becomes harder to
Withstand in the silence of the night
This absence that will never be filled
Is breaking me in two
If only I could turn
The clock to a happier time
A warmer place
A time where I could save you
One void of your suffering
One absent of all our pain.


Damon as a puppy


For Damon. You will be missed beyond words.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter