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Day 4-Erotica Author Week: A.J. Downey (Book 3.5)

Day 4 Erotica Author Week A.J. Downey's fourth book (or 3.5 as she titles it.). Read the synopsis, excerpt and review. Link to the last book (1/2 proceeds go to abused children starting with pre-orders to end of first month.)


Hello my wonderful followers! Tonight I have a special gift. I am giving away 5 e-books of the Incarnate triology. Incarnate, Ensnared, and Denouement. Are you interested? Comment in the post here on WordPress or on my Facebook page. This is a young adult fantasy. Go to to read more about them. Don't forget... Continue Reading →


The following is Chapter One to a book I'm currently working¬†on called Forbidden. Kyle is part of a prestigious (and arrogant) witch family. As some of the most deadly of the family's secrets become apparent to him, he finds himself doubting everything he learned about the feud between his family and the Primals. In this... Continue Reading →

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