Be Mine

Wrap me in your arms

Fill my heart with love

Calm my fears with your presence

Make me feel like the woman I am


Read me stories

Play games with me

Chase me around the house

Make me the friend you are to me


Give me that look

The one that says there’s only me

The look that devours

One that makes my knees weak


Be my man

The one I’ve always needed

The one that lets me be me

And loves every bit of me for it


You Are My Sunshine

An ocean sized hole

Bleeds my heart

Rips pain through me

Empties me of all

Drains me and kills me


A gaping cavern

Void of happiness

A black hole

Pulling me to inactivity


Music plays dull

Echoes agony

Fills my mind

But does nothing

For my heart


Here I lay

Still and sleeping

Waiting for time to pass

For pain to ebb

For sunshine to return


The ocean split before me

Swallowed my enemy

And threw you back at me


My King

To lift me and rule me

To please me and love me


The sky fell

Drowned the hated

And you landed at my feet


My Unicorn

To show me what I need

Be what I want


The fire in me raged white

Till you walked right through it

Calming the rage for desire


My Master

He who commands me

He who protects me


Chaos surrounded me

Creating misery

In the calm before the storm


My Love

Who has awaked the beast within

The dormant me begging to be released


It rots, hides, deep inside
Sharp claws, knashing teeth
Shadows in the dark
Caging me, changing me
Warping me in and out

Pain so acute
A knife in my breast
Pain so severe
A shattered, bleeding heart
Overflowing blood

Midnight skies, eclipsed sun
Black waters
Reflecting a void
Tar pit trap
Holding me captive

Fists against steel
Silence, alone, abandoned
Broken, bound, ensnared
Inside my mind
With no way out.

Asylum VIII

The  ghosts of its halls
They have stories to tell
Listen to them
As their screams loop
Each night
The terror of their last night
Echoing across time
Through dimensions

Tragedy befell this place
Horrors you couldn’t imagine
Cruelty only the insane
Could remember
Bloody deaths
Electric torture
Straps to hold down
The unwilling

This skeleton before you
Lives in the night
It breathes
When dusk falls
This place
Has a heartbeat

Take caution
Heed the warnings
The ghosts here
They’re alone
For some like you
To join them

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter