The ocean split before me

Swallowed my enemy

And threw you back at me


My King

To lift me and rule me

To please me and love me


The sky fell

Drowned the hated

And you landed at my feet


My Unicorn

To show me what I need

Be what I want


The fire in me raged white

Till you walked right through it

Calming the rage for desire


My Master

He who commands me

He who protects me


Chaos surrounded me

Creating misery

In the calm before the storm


My Love

Who has awaked the beast within

The dormant me begging to be released



It rots, hides, deep inside
Sharp claws, knashing teeth
Shadows in the dark
Caging me, changing me
Warping me in and out

Pain so acute
A knife in my breast
Pain so severe
A shattered, bleeding heart
Overflowing blood

Midnight skies, eclipsed sun
Black waters
Reflecting a void
Tar pit trap
Holding me captive

Fists against steel
Silence, alone, abandoned
Broken, bound, ensnared
Inside my mind
With no way out.

Asylum VIII

The  ghosts of its halls
They have stories to tell
Listen to them
As their screams loop
Each night
The terror of their last night
Echoing across time
Through dimensions

Tragedy befell this place
Horrors you couldn’t imagine
Cruelty only the insane
Could remember
Bloody deaths
Electric torture
Straps to hold down
The unwilling

This skeleton before you
Lives in the night
It breathes
When dusk falls
This place
Has a heartbeat

Take caution
Heed the warnings
The ghosts here
They’re alone
For some like you
To join them

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter



This pain enveloping my heart
Is nearly too much to bear
It’s crushing weight is
Squeezing pain out my eyes and
Air from my lungs
This hole, this void
Is eating away at me as
Each second becomes harder to
Withstand in the silence of the night
This absence that will never be filled
Is breaking me in two
If only I could turn
The clock to a happier time
A warmer place
A time where I could save you
One void of your suffering
One absent of all our pain.


Damon as a puppy


For Damon. You will be missed beyond words.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter



As promised (hears readers inhale a breath of anticipation) a post all about NaNoWriMo! National November Writing Month.

That’s right writers…and those wondering if they could be a writer. There is a month dedicated solely to writing. And even that not only challenges you to write more than you’ve probably ever written forcibly in one month but also benefits children. Interested? GOOD!

I discovered NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago. I’m not sure how though. I think it was Twitter. Go figure. I was intrigued and felt challenged to do this as I was just starting to learn to maintain a writing habit. At first I thought, “50,000 words? No problem.” I didn’t realize just how many words that was. This event begins on November 1st every year. Yep, during the beginning of the holiday season. I know, right. Crazy stuff. But think of how challenging that is. Spend time with family, work, save for Thanksgiving and Christmas by working longer and STILL write 50,000 words. I also discovered a gem inside those cyber walls. A nonprofit organization that encourages writing and reading. A rare quality these days.

“National Novel Writing Month is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (formerly known as the Office of Letters and Light) that believes your story matters.

Through all our programs, we work to empower and encourage writing and vibrant creativity around the world:

The Young Writers Program promotes writing fluency, creative education, and the sheer joy of novel-writing in K-12 classrooms. We provide free classroom kits, writing workbooks, Common Core-aligned curricula, and virtual class management tools to more than 2,000 educators from Dubai to Boston.
The Come Write In program provides free resources to libraries, community centers, and local bookstores to build writing havens in your neighborhood.
Camp NaNoWriMo is a virtual writing retreat, designed to provide the community, resources, and tools needed to complete any writing project, novel or not.”

I found I could donate (there’s a goal to reach every year) or purchase NaNoWriMo items. Really cool stuff by the way. People from all over the world join together and connect on Facebook, Twitter, and so on. If you participate fully, you’ll get to meet writers like you, those that have been where you are, and those that are trying to get where you are (wherever that may be). So not only will you be able to reach out to your oh so awesome peers, but you’ll be able to help others that may be struggling just like you.

Click Herehttp://nanowrimo.org/how-it-works to find out how it all works.

Are you still on the fence? Really? After all that you still want more? Well guess what, there is more. If you manage to complete your 50,000 words (honestly), you will get a few goodies from companies that donate. Scrivener, Lulu, and some others offer discounts, free books, and other really great things.

If that is still not enough. Accept the challenge. Challenge yourself to make a mark that will assist in forming a habit that makes great authors so great. Writing. Always writing. It’s a practice that is never quite over.

Still not enough? Well, then maybe you don’t need to be a writer. Sorry, but there it is. Good luck and I hope to see you in the Facebook forums.

Your Beloved Author,

Sandra Easter


Happy birthday!

As the years pass
I begin to see
Just how wonderful life could be

As I grow older
I look back
And sometimes wish that were me

Then I remember
The bad times
That got me here

I remember the lessons
The pain and loss
The shadows over the sunshine

How could I have forgotten
How much better
I’ve become

As the years pass
I begin to see
Just how wonderful my life has become

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


Calling all Writers! (And readers too.)


Come one, come all! The Writer’s Workout. A funtastic  group of writers with several different writing backgrounds. This site is full of writing support, fellow writers, short stories, and so on. It is run by the ever fun loving judges of the NaNoGames. Never heard of it? Are you living under a rock? Well then, that’s a story for another time then. (I promise.)

This week they are featuring none other than yours truly!  That’s right! Your favorite source for poetry and dark words that fall from the mouth, ears, and fingers of a quite demented person. (I love you all too! No, really, I do. Fine, believe what you must. 😘 )

Click here to read all about my feature, and don’t forget to take a look around. You might learn something. Don’t think so? Well then, make it a challenge on my part. 😛

Here is a little about them, “straight from the horse’s mouth”:

“I write because that is the only way I can make sense of the mess in my head.” -Member

We are an eclectic group, from all walks of life and all stages of writing competence. From authors published several times over, poets featured in anthologies, to new writers just starting out, we have one thing that binds us together: a love of the written word. 

We know that no single author is the same, that no author approaches The Craft in the same way as the next, and that’s okay. We cater to everyone at all skill and interest levels, and our members are always willing and able to help aspiring writers wherever and whenever they can. 

With an excited group of admins, who hold a variety of English Degrees; Creative Writing Degrees; Theater Degrees; and just plain old, time trusted experience putting words to paper, there is always someone around to offer advice and cheerleading.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter