Stardust Always Authors (Georgette)

GeorgetteGive a warm welcome to Georgette Frey. Thank you for taking some time to join us here on our electronic devices to answer a few questions. Tell us what Stardust Always is to you. Why did you write something for it?

My household has Labyrinth marathons and Space Oddity sing a longs and Harry Potter weekends are like  holidays for us so losing both gentlemen so close together was like a kick in the teeth.  In June of 2014 my father was diagnosed with a rare cancer and later that summer I learned my remaining grandfather had cancer as well.  The idea of writing for the anthology called to me.


Tell us about your story.  What message do you hope to convey to your readers?

I wrote a brisk, short story of the six weeks from my father first becoming ill to his death. I hope my story helps people see how cancer effects more than the those that are ill but also those around them.  If one more person learns about Kappa Light Chain Amlyodosis I’ll be happy.

How did Rickman and/or Bowie influence your life?

They were both amazing men that I was able to introduce my children to and enjoy together.  Whether as Jareth or singing Space Oddity down the highway to mimicking Snape every time we say “Always” or :”Obviously.”

If you could tell them/ him anything what would it be?

They they were amazing and people will remember them.

Anything you’d like to say to those whose lives have been affected by cancer?

You aren’t alone, someone out there is going through it with you.

You can find Georgette at the links below.



Get your copy of Stardust, Always.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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