The Loss of time

There never seems to be enough time.


For anything. This seems especially true for writers. One would think with all the technological advances we’d have a lot more time. Instead, we’re  trying to fit more into less time. Even if someone were able to unfold space and time to make the days longer, we’d still try to do more than we have time for.

So,  how do we manage the time?  As authors, we spread ourselves thin trying to post to every social media we’re apart of, write, read,  edit, send out queries, and work full time (in most cases). 24 hours isn’t enough,  even if we didn’t have to sleep.


Over the past few years I’ve been trying to find a solution to this particular problem. Much like a Rubix Cube, there seemed no end in sight. (To tell you the truth,  it still seems that way.) I never found a complete solution to ‘do it all’, but I  came to a conclusion.


I put myself in the shoes of my readers.  I’ve signed up for so many writer’s advice emails, books, and so on. It’s exhausting to sift through them all and absorb all the advice. Not to mention trying them all out. I kept wondering; what are they doing that I’m not? It was simple,  spending a ton of time sending out emails to other authors.  Authors were their main source of a platform.  While this is effective,  I want more.  I want readers.  I want to inspire the lost. Yes, that’s a tall order. 

If you’re still with me, you’re probably in the same boat.  Here’s what I do. It’s slow going right now,  but everyone must start somewhere.

1. I post where most of my readers/followers are.  If those outlets connect to other sources, I’ll share it. But be careful not to post the same thing everywhere.  Have variety. You want them to seek you out.  Not the other way around.

2. Post stories for your readers and interviews/reviews for your fellow authors.  I currently have the following sources for my stories. 
Wattpad: where a portion of my published stories can be found. This way they can get a good view of the book to determine if they want to buy it. 
Wordpress: short stories,  poetry, mini series. Avaliable to everyone.
Email/mail chimp: A never before seen, and never to be seen again, short story series that can only be found in my reader’s email. An exclusive treat for my most loyal readers. These stories will never be published.

So, I have something for everyone. How do I manage the time? Simple. 
I write one story a month (occasionally more) for the email.  The reader had something to look forward to with out feeling overwhelmed by the mass content. 
I try to write two to four things a month on WordPress.  Again, less is usually more. Then I share these in my Facebook page, Twitter page and tumblr.
I, very slowly,  add half my books to Wattpad. I sometimes share these on Facebook and twitter.
Is this working? Yes. With the help of hashtags, I’ve managed to grow my reader base by a few hundred in 6 months. Slow, but getting there. 

This isn’t a guaranteed method,  but for the busy author,  it’s better than nothing.

I hope this helps you struggling authors out there. Comment below if you try it and how well.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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