I Find Peace In the Rain

10 some odd years ago life dealt me a hand I thought I’d never survive. The day began in dread but the sun didn’t know that. The birds sang happily, people were enjoying their summer, and tourist were oblivious to the pain of my life.

It was my last place to stay. A place that should have bridge the gap between escape and freedom. I was being forced out.

6 a.m. I awoke,  grabbed my children, babies rather, and strapped them into the cumbersome double stroller.  All my possessions in that one child carring device. I had to dress and change them in the bathroom of a grocery store. The reality of it hit home, hard. Tears found a path down my face as I did my job as a mother. Wiping them clear, I squared my shoulders, lifted my head and made my way out of the store and in search of the person that could have saved this from ever happening. My mother.

With the heat beating down on us,  I walked several miles to the home I escaped from in the first place. Not to live,  but to contact a person she disliked.  That person was my only hope remaining.  Four states away, my life would have to start over. ..again.

Through my toughest trial, the sun shined happily in the sky.  Not at all sympathetic to my life. Each year I remember as that traitorous sun shines happily and find peace in the rain.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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