New Publishing World

I love and hate the new publishing world. 
On the one hand, many talented authors are able to get their works out there.  They can get recognition and a following on their own.

On the other hand…extremely mediocre or  poor writers are out there too. Shifting through the mess is sometimes a painful chore.  I try to read their work (I really do) but sometimes the unbearable grammar, repeated story line, and poor character development makes a one day read last months.
I’m certainly not perfect,  grand,  or the next “big” one out there but somethings just need to be known. I.E. there and they’re are two very distinctly different words as far as their definitions go. Something I can see messing up on once or twice, but not every flipping time.
These books fill the industry with trash, making it harder for well written and imaginative writers to become well known.

So, my point, stop supporting bad writing. Stop encouraging bad editing.  Tell your honest opinion no matter how much it might hurt their feelings.  Not everyone is destined to write. 

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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