Vacation Without You

My trip to Italy
Proved to be dull
Not even a gondola ride
Cleared darkness from the sky
The rich history
Couldn’t pull the ache from me
The luxurious hotel
Wasn’t enough to let me sleep

My visit to Japan
Felt like a horror flick
The unique cusine
Didn’t arouse my taste buds
The relaxing massage
Couldn’t pull knots from my muscles
The geisha shows
Were just child plays

Wonderful Ireland
Wasn’t so wonderful
The greenery
Became dull in my eyes
The ancient castles
Were just piles of rock
The alcohol, though it burned
Couldn’t liven my personality

But home?
Coming home brightened my spirit
The sight of you
Made my smile ache
Our house
The most interesting structure
Our bed
The most comfortable place in the world

My heart’s desired vacation
Your cooking
The best delicacies
Your voice
A broadway show
Our car
The most romantic traveling space

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


One thought on “Vacation Without You

  1. You write really well Sandra 🙂
    you have alot inside your heart 🙂 Don’t keep it inside. Speak it out and loud. Let others know 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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