Day 3- Erotica Authors: A.J. Downey (Book 3)

A.J. Downy (NaNoWriMo author/participant) is a born and raised Seattle, WA native. She finds inspiration from her surroundings, through the people she meets and likely as a byproduct of way too much caffeine.

A.J. Downey
A.J. Downey

She has lived many places and done many things, through mostly through her own imagination.As and avid reader all her life she found it her turn to try and give back the entertainment she received through the books she read. She lives in a small house, in a small neighborhood, with a larger than live fiancé and one cat.

She has six books I am featuring over the next few days. Today we continue with the third book (find the first and second here: 1-  2- ). Keep watch as her last book (shown in the Featured image) is on pre-order and 1/2 the proceeds for the pre-orders through the first month go to a good cause: abused children.

Click the title of the book for the link to Check out her book for yourself. See that alluring cover below? (Don’t act like you don’t judge a book by its cover; we all do it.) If you have Kindle Unlimited read it for free. Don’t forget to leave a review: we authors love to hear from you.

Book Three:Cracked and Crushed

Cracked and Crushed:

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He’s Cracked… 

Reaver has always been a little weird, a little strange, okay MORE than a little of each. His psyche cracked right down the middle a long time ago. He holds the official title of ‘Treasurer’ for the Sacred Hearts MC but he’s much more than that. He’s the club’s enforcer, the one they call on when things need to be done quickly, quietly, efficiently and have no traces left behind. Which is good for Reaver, very good, because it keeps the monster inside his head satisfied and in check for the most part… but then Hayden Michaels entered the picture and Reaver decided that he wanted much more. 

She’s Crushed… 

The day was supposed to be the happiest day of Hayden’s life, instead it left her crushed beneath a pile of emotional rubble. Is it any surprise that Reaver would be the one to pull her from the emotional wreckage left behind? Sweet, funny, caring Reaver with eyes like the bluest winter skies and a smile that left her breath hitching every time he turned it on her. Trouble is, Reaver has a darker side, one that he has never given Hayden any illusions about. Will it be something Hayden can handle? Or will the cracks his psyche contains be the cracks in the dam that crushes her under a river of never ending pain?


I didn’t think we were going to make it out of Florida without having sex. I didn’t really know how I felt about that. On the one hand, I wanted her with a deep seated gnawing ache that made my desire for my next fix of heroin back when I was addicted seem like a paltry thing in comparison. She was in my blood, on my mind, in my heart and like the other half of my soul within a blink of the eye and I didn’t understand it.

I didn’t want to.

There were some things in life, some people you met and connected with that just fit. Like peanut butter and jelly, we went together. I felt it in the deepest part of me. When we were together it was fated, meant to be and when we were apart, that gnawing angry desire pushed me to find her and be with her, near her, hovering over her and protecting her was too strong to ignore.

On the other hand I didn’t want to break us before we had a chance to get started.

There was a lot to this life of mine, to the life of being an Old Lady to one of the MC brotherhood… I didn’t want to put her in over her head and have it break her in two. I wanted her scared but I didn’t want her scared away. I felt like I was walking this tight wire act with her. I wanted so many things and yet everything that I wanted came at a steep cost.

Not for me, but for her.

I combed my hair forward and tugged on my cut, checked for wallet and keys and satisfied, I headed downstairs. Hayden was talking with Marcy, Tom was across the circular cobblestone drive swinging the back door on a dark blue Mazda shut.

Hayden’s body language said it all. She stood, completely unaware of what she was doing but she was hugging herself despite the oppressive heat. Her shoulders rounded in, as if to hold all that wild chaos of what she was feeling inside, and even though her face was smiling, even though she laughed at something Marcy said, I could see the hurt just there below the surface and I wanted to take it away.

Unburden her lithe, narrow shoulders…

I wanted to see those light emerald eyes of hers spark fire again. I wanted to see the happy, confident woman who stepped out of the locker room over a year ago. I wanted to pull that woman out of her, scare the hell out of her, ravish her and make love to her and fucking cherish her the way she deserved to be cherished.

I wanted to promise her the moon and the fucking stars and come Hell or high water I wanted to deliver them.

I just needed to figure out how. I knew one place to start that was as good as any. I slipped up behind her and made good on my self-imposed vow to give her the affection she so seriously craved, putting my arms around her and pulling her back against my chest.

The smile that lit her beautiful green eyes made an answering smile appear on my face. She leaned back into me and cuddled into my arms and she fit so perfectly there, our difference in height tucking her just so perfectly into the front of my body, under my chin.

“Ready baby?” I asked her and she huffed out a sigh tinged with contentment.

“Yeah,” she said.


4.0 out of 5 stars Didn’t think I would like it but I did,December 10, 2014

By lovetoread

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Cracked & Crushed: The Sacred Hearts MC (Kindle Edition)
So I just finished Cracked and Crushed and I am happy I did. This was seriously a good story. It’s not for everyone because H is a bit creepy but can I say in a good way? I think the author did a great job in helping me to fall in love with Reaver and Hayden. When I first read the blurb I thought, nope, not for me, yet I felt compelled to try the excerpt, and just like that I was hooked. It is and it’s not your typical romance/ MC story. But if your curious, try it.

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