Asylum V

She was prefect.  The perfect specimen. Gullible to top it.  I couldn’t find a better subject if I tried. A glowing beacon to my trapped souls. Keeping them quiet has never been difficult, but I’ll have to keep an eye on her at all times. She’ll make a wonderful addition of my collection. I’ll keep her close. Keep her in my sights. Give her the hope she’s never had. Give her the peace she’s always wanted. Slowly I’ll study her. Savor her unique taste. Dine on her fear with exquisite patience. She may have come voluntarily but she’ll never be allowed to leave. I’ll never let her go. She’ll be the trophy of my works. A testament to my abilities. I might even have her put on display when I’m finished with her. A piece of anatomy to go with the videos I’ll have. A statue of flesh preserved for my recurring memory. Something to remind me of the great things I will achieve. Her soul will echo the halls with beautiful screams. A bight beacon dulled by the breaking I will give her.

The perfect specimen. The perfect patient. I’ll do her in. I’ll break her. She’ll be the best I’ve ever had.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter

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