It’s the happiest and the darkest days that stand out the most.

We want to remember the days that contain an immense happiness or a significant event that brings us the most joy. The days of birth, marriage, friends, or just a day with everyone together and getting along. Days full of laughter, smiles, and love. These are the days that fade with each recall.  Faces become harder to see,  much like a dream.
However, the days we wish would fade are those that crush our very souls, leaving us bleeding on the floor. Days of death, abandonment, abuse, and great heart break that stand out stark white against black backgrounds. Their images sharp our minds, allowing us to relive the events endlessly without the fading of time.

Bookmark your favorite days with happiness.  Keep the dark at bay with more memories of laughter and love rather than dwelling on pain and hate.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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