To Writers

Normally I’m all for poetry, short stories, and so on.  Today I want to touch on something that not all writers agree with but need to see the value in. 

Some of your best friends should be writers.  They don’t need to be the best writers,  but they also don’t need to be the worst.  Just so long as they are writers that share your passion. Here is why:

Fellow writers will-
-encourage you to sit that butt down and write
-tell you when something is crap “rewrite that”
-read anything you write because they are always thirsty for words
-never tell you that you’ll never make it but rather, they’ll encourage you to improve
-share your work with others without asking because they understand that is how people get to know you
-be there for your first signing, help you keep things in order
-most of all…
Your writer best friend understands your world and not only visits but speaks with the voices screaming in your head.

Get a writer best friend today!

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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