Excerpts from a Work of Horror -3

A vivid piece of horror. I loved it.

The Poetry of Pie

She sputtered suddenly and stepped backwards, dropping the apple to the table. She felt a sharp pain in her throat, and her hands darted up to it in unison. Her eyes grew wide with fear and an odd, subtle guttural noise came to her lips as she opened her mouth to breathe.

The next breath didn’t come. She tried again. Nothing. Her mind whirled. She stumbled backwards, rebounding from the refrigerator to end up on her knees, one hand grasping the edge of the table. The apple rolled gently across her knuckles on its way to the floor.

Reaching her free hand to her mouth, she forced her fingers deep into the back of her throat. They met with tender flesh, one of her nails ripping a jagged gash. She winced in pain, emitting a barely audible moaning noise in between her spasmodic gasps. She tried again but could feel…

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