Dead End Bar


Who is this beauty across the room?  Whose hair glows luminous in the strobe and black light.  Ethereal eyes under thick dark lashes.  Ruby red painted lips I want to taste stark against an impossibly pale white face.
What beautiful flawless features only out shined by the luscious toned body of youth. Soft ample breasts ready to spring forth from her low cut tank top two sizes to small. Flat firm abs sheened in sweat leading to a perfectly portioned set of hips covered by dark washed low riders.  The perfect diamond marking the top of beautiful shaped long legs.  I’d like to wrap around my waist.
Who is this gorgeous creature walking my way with a hunger in her gaze? She silently enters my personal space. Smiling, her cold hand grasps mine.  Pulling me,  I happily follow.  She takes me out back.  A popular place for ‘back alley sex’. Her sweet musk finds my nose and I’m instantly ready to please.
Her breath falls on my neck and my Habs find her soft yet firm hips. A pain shoots through the lost haze and I squeeze the pain into her waist.
When her face emerges from my neck the shock settles in. Gore drips from her mouth, red surrounds milky eyes and the smell of death fills the air.  My heart beats faster as my mind attempts to make sense of what my eyes were seeing.  Thoughts grow slow and, sluggish. Pumping blood becomes a labor to my staining heart.  Her mouth spreads into a smile before she again gnaws into my flesh. To weak to fight,  I surrender to my fate.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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