Pleasure In The Blood


(A little something from my vampire obsessed days)

The dagger enters the unmarked flesh

As a horrid moan slips through her lips

He smiles from pure pleasure

As her terror becomes most apparent

His eyes reflecting nothing but silver light

Showing his true self hidden beneath

The cleaver disguise that lures his prey

She lay helpless on the splintering wooden floor

Bound by wire to each limb

Helpless in all her agony

She gives in to the fear within

Becoming numb to the pain

She slips into unconsciousness

Only to wake to her waiting killer

He sits patiently awaiting her consciousness

Only to continue in his game

For only her pain can ease his

Only her blood can satisfy his hunger

She feels wetness on her face

Unknowing that she had been crying

Her body aches from the blade

That pierced her several times in her sleep

Blood trickling down her skin

Bringing awareness to even more pain

He watches as her eyes begin to open

Noticing the wincing looking of pain

Moving to her side

He sees each wound trickling

Each wound offering itself to him

The beading blood calls to him

Drying his throat like recycled parchment

She realizes what he focused on

Pleads him with her eyes

Begging for release of the pain

Begging for him to finish her off

To be done with her

Unknowingly he leans in

Placing his mouth to the closest wound

Feeling the sweet fluid

Tasting her life in his mouth

Pushing hunger front and center

Taking away all will

Feeding from her

Letting animal instinct take over

Forgetting all rules and orders

Stealing away everything that remains

Leaving only an empty shell


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