Book Review

Usually I write some fantastical or demented piece but tonight I wanted to write a review. A young adult series I would like to recommend.

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan is a unique piece on humanity and their fear of the unknown. A research has been done on a gene that law violators have in common. they call it the Kill Gene. With this information avaliable to the general public, testing of children begins in school.

The main character gets her results back and much to her dismay and her family’s it’s positive. She’s removed from her prestigious school and placed in public school where they segrate the kill gene kids away from the general population.

When a few kids marked with this gene cause trouble, fear spreads like wild fire and testing becomes mandatory for everyone. Those that test positive are sent to camps. (sound familiar?)

The main character struggles to learn who she can trust and to survive.

You can find this book at major retailers and Amazon. She is a New York Times best seller.
Other books l have read by her are Firelight, Vanish, and Hidden. (a series about shapes shifting dragons)

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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