Lava Lamp Faeries


I always  knew faeries existed. I just needed to look in the right places. I scoured nature for years and continued to come up empty. It wasn’t until I’d nearly given up that they found me.

l was relaxing in a local park, reading a book on fae, and eating honey on crackers. The crunch and munch of crackers pervaded my ears when I’d turned my attention away from my food to my book. Slowly and cautiously I turned my head toward the sound. The mysterious sound gave away a tiny creature with tiny hands, glowing strands of hair sprouting from its head and barely visible wings fluttering as it munched away on one of my honey crackers. I couldn’ t believe my eyes. My heart beat rapidly, demanding my body to jump up and get closer. Clamping my muscles with a painful jerk, I held myself in place. I tried to control my breathing but the creature looked up frozen mid-bite as it realized my attention was diverted from my book. The beautiful faery dropped its food and pranced toward my book. I watched with rapt fascination as the small creature climbed onto the page and examined the pictures.

A tinkling giggle eminated from the tiny faery. lt pointed at the picture of a disgruntled brownie and giggled again. I looked from the book to the faery and back again. I didn’t know what the faery was laughing about but the sound made me smile anyway. I placed my hand out and the faery climbed up. There it sat and waited. I turned the page and the small creature wiggled and giggled in joy.

Together we looked at the book for hours. When I packed up to leave the faery began to flutter in my face angrily. When I figured out the source of the faery’s displeasure, I held out my hand and waited for it to land. After a moment the faery sat on my palm and I took it home where it turned my old broken lava lamp into a home.

Ever since that day, faeries came and read books with me from their lava lamp home.

Photo: Unknown Artist

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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