I trudged along the abondoned road trying to find the place pulling me forward inside me.  As l continued along my journey a fog settled in seeping its chill deep into my veins and causing a violent shudder to rip through me. Wildlife fled and avoided its borders as if a single drop of moisture would end their very lives. As I continued to tredge my weary feet along the paved road I observed a barren tree erected from the middle of the smooth highway. Its bare branches reaching out from its trunk in wild abandon. The Concrete around the base reduced to rubble showing its sudden appearance. Its eerie appearance driving away the winged creatures typically found on its limbs. The air around it thick and sufficating. My feet grew heavier and my legs protested each movement. My eyes fell heavy with each opening blink and my mind attempted a full shutdown. As the tree grew larger in my vision, I fell in a useless heap at its billowing roots. My body folded in on itself. Sleep pulls at me until  I cease to exist on this plane.

Your Beloved Author,
Sandra Easter


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