The Salesman

He came in the night, claiming to be an innocent salesman doing all he can to sell the last of his mechandise to support his starving family. The trusting family permits his entrance feeling pity toward the poor soul. He loosens his tie as if the day were heavy on his shoulders and begins a well practiced spiel of how his merchandise is superior to that of other brands. All was going well. The family listened with rapt interest. The first set of merchandise was displayed across the family’s coffee table. The light gleamed off there reflective surface presenting a shiny gleam to attract the eye’s interest. He explained the durability, sharpness, and warranty before moving on to examples.

When the test for sharpness came the salesman picked up the largest object and smiled as he eyed the husband then the wife. ‘Let me demostrate’ he said approaching them. With a quick move he rushed the husband before he could react and slid the knife easily across his throat. The husband fell to the floor as his crimson rubies filled the carpet beneath him. The wife screamed frozen in her terror. With blood covering the front of the salesman shirt he turned on her.

Shifting her eyes to the salesman, she came to her senses and ran as far and fast as she could. The wife made it to the stairs before the salesman caught up to her. He grabbed her by her hair, yanking her down the three steps she’d climbed. Her neck jerked at breakneck speed causing her to yelp as quickly as it was pulled from her mouth. His hand came down slicing her left breast as she twisted herself away from his attack.

The salesman attacked again and again stabbing the stealy knife into her flesh until the last twitch jerked from her bloody body. ¬†Using the gallons of gasoline he’d ¬†hidden in the bushes of their front yard, he covered the home. Lighting a match in foyer he watches the fire build. He inhales the smell of burning fabric, wood, and flesh. Letting the flames lick his clothing, he walks casually out of the home with knife still in hand.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Never let in a salesman.

Photo: unknown origin


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