Great pace. Dark words were always my favorite. Just had to share this piece.

Brendden's Writing Blog

Darkness running, darkness, rushing. Here to take you night is coming. Rushing ahead, and giggling with glee, your life they claim, you soul, never free.

Lost to shadows, lost to time, instead here chained to me and mine, that darkness came and claimed your soul, and now, now suffering is all you’ll know.

Again the darkness is giggling with glee even as you attempt to flee, to find some place safe, some reprieve, but there is no rest, no escape, the darkness has you, know your fate.

Watch them all inside that light, watch them in your hated night, know that they know not your pain, no nothing of fear, of madness. Curse them as you watch them so, knowing what you do as you stare at that glow, at the bright hated light inside this, your blessed night.

Running, rushing, now you are the dark that’s coming, that dreaded…

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