Mother Nature

After the billions of years of watching humanity grow, evolve, and use all her gifts to the max; mother nature grew both curious and vengful. She formed a body from the roots of the oldest existing tree and hair from moss. Cobwebs decorate her gown. Breaking free of her earthly domain using her new legs she followed her instincts to observe nearby humans in a way she never could.  She attempted to understand their reasoning and their actions.
Weeks passed and still she couldn’t understand their destructive nature, but still craved to expirence their love. Throwing herself headlong into humanity’s mating pool, she discovered new reasons to dislike the beings as men attempted to bed her at every turnbut not one man wanted to teach her about the love she so desired.
With hatred brimming over she dropped her guise and produced gale forced winds, wild tornados, destructive earth quakes, sunamies, and global freezing. The destruction spread worldwide wiping many of hated creatures from her loving boosom. Mother Nature wasn’t motherly any longer.


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