Lying in the dark

Bleeding on the inside

A serrated knife snagging, ripping

My heart torn and tattered

The damage you caused me

Swimming in a pool of my own tears

Wallowing in my own pain

Cold shivers violently shaking my body

Emptiness overtaking me

Black shadows incasing me

My soul damaged beyond repair

I will never be the same again

The words you say

Cut me deep

As I bleed out

You watch in satisfaction

As you realize

Your judgment is passed

No matter how unjust

Taking pleasure

In the destruction

Of this spirit

As it withers in pain

Becomes a nothingness

Thoughts become actions

Actions become deadly

Hearts breaking

Souls shattering

Minds getting lost in darkness

Falling deeper and deeper

Despair becomes solid

Trapped in hell

In my own mind

Decisions become useless

Just as life will be from now on


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