Trick or Treat


What happened here you ask? Here is a story worthy to be told of a young woman named Leann, new to Halloween in the town of Dispair. ‘Trick or Treat’, she’d seen on decorations in all the stores in her new town. She wondered but never thought to ask. Having lived a sheltered life, she didn’t know to buy candy for the trick or treaters of this small town.
Then comes the night of October 31st. She was settling in for the night when laughing voices filled the air outside her home. Daring to take a peek she saw creatures of all kinds wondering the streets going door to door with plastic pumpkins. It wasn’t long before these small beings made way for her own door.
Curiosity being  new to her she peeked open her door to several small child-like voices cheerily screaming “trick-or-treat.” Befuddled she opened the door wider and stared at the creatures. They were short in height and traveled in great numbers. All different shapes, sizes, and colors. They yelled the words again obviously growing impatient.
“I’m sorry?” she pleaded.
The creatures charged on her in that moment clawing past her door, invading her home. They trampled her, clawed at her chest and held her down as they took their pound of flesh before leaving her for dead. She watched with dying eyes as they ran to the next residence.
A lesson to be learned. Have the treats ready, and your lights off if you choose to hide from the creatures of the night lest you end up like young Leann. (20 best Halloween costumes)


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