Welcome to the Asylum. Pay no heed to the screams echoing our halls, or the streaks of blood staining the floor and walls. Our staff will attend to your pain needs and you need never worry about anything you want. Those will be dealt with dissipate with time.

Our electroshock therapy is legendary and should you try to run your fear get in the way, our esteemed  doctor is always  on hand to fry your senses administer  treatments.  If you fight, we will castrate you things will  only get worse. Your compliancy is the only way to survive find your way out. But we will never let you leave hope you’ll  stay. We do so love to torture our take care of our victims patients.

Enter this way. Today begins the first day of your imminent death immediate recovery. Should you have any complaint, we will wipe it from your memory please fill out a card and leave them in the opinion box for your doctor. Thank you and have a terrifying good night.


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