Leandra’s past isn’t something of pleasant dreams. Her childhood is full of betrayal, abuse and hate. When she was a human, her friends were her entire world. Her face never betrayed the pain that lay deep inside and never would anyone know. Her death came swift and painless but that wasn’t the end for her. Someone else had plans for her. It seemed as if she would never get any rest.

Training to become a Grim has given her a view that she’d never thought of before. Her nights are full of gathering souls of the newly departed and fighting Eaters, the creatures of the Grim that prey on souls. Her days, the down time for Grims, she attempts to sleep in order to escape the unpleasant memories of her life. Steel, her mentor is teaching her to cut out her emotions, her humanity.

A decision must be made. Leadra can choose to abandon her humanity, or embrace the Reaper emerging inside her. Those that wronged her in the past will either pay the price or she’ll choose to keep her humanity. If she doesn’t choose soon the hour glass will empty and the Reaper will take over.


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