Living Death

He fell in love with her before tragedy struck. A series of events neither of them could avoid. No amount of foreseen power could have stopped the horrible death. Only in the darkest forest, the most dangerous place on Earth, did he find a sliver of hope to see his beloved again. Rumor told of a lake, equally cursed and blessed water, that holds onto the essence of the dead.

He buries his beloved in the sands of ash and bones at the bottom of the lake near the shore. Each night thereafter he returns in the hope of seeing his beloved again. After nearly an entire moon cycle he returns at the rise of the full moon sitting at the edge staring into the dark waters. He jumps at every ripple, every sound looking for his beloved to surface to be with him again. Not until the moon fully rises does his maiden rise from the water with the smile that makes his heartbeat. The ache released its hold on him as he leans down to hold his beloved in his arms. Her warmth and softness a balm to his broken heart.

Each moon cycle, at the rise of the full moon, he returns. Living only to see her face, feel her touch, hear her voice once again. Month after month, year after year until the day he lay beside the water and die in the hopes to see his beloved once again.

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