King Tritan

Before the disappearance of the gods, King Tritan chanced a visit to the land. He marveled at mortals and their technology, culture, and traditions. For a year he lived among them, learning their ways as each of his kind continue to fade into dust. The men were weak but cunning and the women…the women were beautiful and lush. Their spirited nature-inspired the youth lying dormant in himself. He yearned to flirt, play and take them home.

As the year came to a close, Tritan didn’t want to say goodbye. He’d grown quite close to a select few mortal women and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving their side. He began preparations to provide an entrance to his underwater kingdom for his lovely mortal women. It had to be a place just for them and not easily found. At the edge of the sea, he builds a wall that would be hidden from all but his chosen and provided an entrance for each woman to gain entrance. The moment they would touch the water it would hug their bodies and provide air to their lungs.

Each year the beloved women would grow older, but Tritan wouldn’t age a day. It wasn’t until the last of the women introduced her gran-daughter that he felt the years fall on him all at once. He was beside himself with her intelligence, sprightly personality and thin curvy figure. The gran-daughter visited until she became of age and Tritan used his magic to turn her into a mermaid so that she would never age or leave his side again. The wall was closed off forever, never allowing another mortal to enter Atlantis.

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