The Beast Inside Me


It’s times like these that circle the neverending hurricane of thoughts and emotions in my mind that I wonder what it would be like to just give in.  What would happen if I just let loose, disregarded all social norms, and be the beast inside me? Would I lose myself? Fall to nature and never return?  Could I abandon all I know and let the primal animal take over?

When all the world is falling to ruin, and hope dwindles down a little more each passing day.  Humanity isn’t humane any longer but beasts succumb to greed, wrath, lust, gluttony, pride,  envy,  and sloth. The intelligence that one held them above the great food chain diminishing as technology encourages laziness.

With now limited space, they run one another over in their haste to secure their territory. Over populated and governed by idiocy, humanity decimated nature. ..only to become a dangerous creature on their own.

So I wonder; would it be easier to let go, become the primal beast inside? Or maintain my humanity and suffer at the expense of my once fellow man?


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