Creepy Writing

Father always told me children were to been seen but not heard. I never listened. My mouth opened as thoughts flowed though my mind. I had no filter and very strong opinions. I never cared what anyone thought of me and I didn’t shut up to listen. My mind remained a never ending supply for thoughts, opinions and careless words. That was until the day I met the witch in the woods.

The woods were behind my house you see. I was warned several times to stay away, but I didn’t listen. Cries could be heard throughout the night, and sometimes screams would accompany a laughter that seeped into my bones. I would watch out my window every night brimming with curiosity as my mind ran away with me on what could be lurking beyond the tree line.

When, finally, I couldn’t stand the wondering any longer I waited until my family found their slumber and crawled out my window quietly and rushed barefoot into the woods toward the cries. My heart pounded in my chest begging to be let loose so that it could return home. Coward. But my feet carried me forward dodging limbs, rocks and foliage. My ears rang with the cries of unknown entities and my curiosity burned deep within me begging to be relieved.

It didn’t take long before my feet carried me to an abandoned home in a dark clearing. The trees were spread apart but the moon didn’t seem to be able to reach the ground around the small cottage. The cries echoed all around me now but I still didn’t see the source of them.

With a creak and groan of old wood protesting movement, the front door of the seemingly abandoned cottage opened. My eyes shifted to its movement seeking out any shapes in the dark that could be blamed. At first I could see only darkness, until a withered hand holding a badly shaped cane made its way out of the door followed by a hunched old woman moving agonizingly slow. My feet carried me to her without a thought to demand them to.

The screams echoed louder as I got closer to the woman. She looked up at me through her withered silver hair and smiled nicely before her mouth opened into a gaping void that released shadows into the already darkened clearing. My mouth shot open to let loose the scream pounding on my rattling teeth for escape. Pain jabbed through the corners of my lips, starting at the top, then the bottom over and over spreading across until they met in the middle. My hand felt thick rough thread running through my flesh as salty tears stung the wounds. My skin lost its luster, and my mind lost its words. Silence followed after and a white haze filled my vision. I wander now, alone, in the dark where I am neither seen, nor heard.


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